The Get Down
The New Netflix Original Series The Get Down is the latest show in Netflix’s stable of original programming. Set in The Bronx, 1977, the show chronicles the back half of a Rogers & Hammerstein-formula romance between Mylene and Ezekiel. It also coincides with the rise & fall of disco and the emergence […]

The Get Down: A Netflix Original Series

The Walking Dead 13-24
The Walking Dead Vols. 13-24 Remember all that stuff I said in the last Recent Reads about not wanting to blaze through The Walking Dead? Yeah, forget all that. I received volumes 13-24 a day after I wrote that and had finished them all by the end of the week. So […]

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Slow Club
Slow Club: One Day All of This Won’t Matter Any More Welcome back music fans. This week we’re checking out Slow Club’s latest album, One Day All of This Won’t Matter Any More. Chuck fans may recall Slow Club from the episode Chuck versus The Ring which ended with their song Christmas […]

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Adam Ruins Everything 1 comment
Adam Ruins Everything, based on the similarly named CollegeHumor web series, debuted last September on truTV and I had no idea it existed until this past weekend. While winding down one night, my brother and sister-in-law introduced me to the show. The premise intrigued me – sketch comedy edutainment episodes featuring […]

Adam Ruins Everything

Stranger Things Vol 1
Stranger Things, Vol 1 is the first of two digital releases supporting the Netflix Original hit (Vol 2 will be released 8/19/16). The physical CD’s won’t be released until 9/16/16 and 9/23/16 respectively and it’s uncertain if vinyl will be an option. Volume 1 has 36 original tracks (more on that below), […]

Music Mondays: Stranger Things, Vol 1

Sharing Is Caring
“Sharing is Caring” is a trademark of The Salvation Army. It’s also a sign of friendship as we give a part of ourselves to friends and loved ones and, hopefully, it’s reciprocated. Today, as I celebrate another year in the annals of history, I’m going share a Happy Birthday or […]

Sharing Is Caring, Celebrating Today