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Making the connections
Making the connections

ALL Of The Things!

A Best Buy email shouldn’t be enough to elicit a shame spiral should it? I mean, come on, it’s just an advertising email… some text, some images, maybe a good deal. This particular email was for a smarter home – light bulbs, in fact. Bright idea, huh? You’d think so, but selecting a few LED bulbs led to:

  • Replacing all bulbs
  • Installing an app controlled Wi-Fi lighting system
  • Installing a Nest heating & cooling control
  • Realizing I need to replace the AC unit
  • Understanding it’s a better deal to replace the furnace at the same time
  • Replacing the wood rot by the AC unit
  • Replacing any other areas showing rot
  • Painting the house
  • Removing the deck
  • Installing a stone patio
  • Getting my neighbor to fix his fence or remove it altogether so I can put something up
  • Fixing the concrete stairs

One domino falls……………………………….

So many things to do, so little everything else. The rational part of my brain says I don’t need to knock all those items off the list tomorrow. The irrational part that saw the shiny email, that whispered “go on, click the link, what could possibly go wrong”, it’s screaming “NO! Do ALL of the things now! Buy ALL of the things! SPEND! CONSUMER! SHINY THINGS! SQUIRREL! MURICA!” I’m guessing any advertiser looking at me now is convulsing, then excusing themselves to change their pants or skirts.


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