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Making the connections
Making the connections

Audrey II Is Dead, Long Live Audrey II!

audreyIIAudrey II started off as a simple rose bush – so small, so fragile. Each year she grew and grew until one day she was reaching across the steps up to the house, threatening to devour any visitor to the house. She had created quite the obstacle course (which would be fine if I was worried about thieves, vandals, or any other random hooligan). When multiple people were complaining about catching their clothing or scratching their exposed skin, I had to intervene with the help of another friend. Introductions were made. Audrey II meet Mr. Trimmer, Mr. Trimmer meet Audrey II.

I’m could swear I heard a shriek of terror as the whir of Mr. Trimmer drew nearer. However, I reassured her this was just a minor trim as I removed about a foot from her. This was a year ago and she clearly forgave me as she grew even larger this year. She was taller than me and hadn’t even begun to bloom yet. Mr. Trimmer had to pay another visit and this time it was less of a trim and more of an amputation as two feet had to be removed. Poor Audrey II, something had to be done. It would’ve been nicer if someone else had done it. I detest yard work. Perhaps there’s a condo in my future.

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