Desperately Seeking A New Home

The Brain Trust had met for years at The Dish in Liberty, MO, until their untimely demise. The combination of half priced import & craft beer as well as a delicious Chicago-style pizza kept us locked in there for years. Then they closed and a new search began. We’ve toyed with a few other places, but none have had quite the allure of The Dish. Then we finally went to All-Star Pizza in Kansas City North and we were suitably impressed with the beer selections. I had an ulterior motive for wanting to go there since a friend I met a little while ago, Bryan, checked into Untappd with a Firestone Walker 18th Anniversary Ale. FirestoneWalker18

After thoroughly enjoying the 17th Anniversary Ale version, I knew I wanted to see how the latest iteration tasted. It did NOT disappoint. If you enjoy beer, and are not aware, there’s a terrific app available on Android or iOS for tracking any beer you’ve had called Untappd. It’s been a tremendous asset for tracking all the new brews I’ve tried and keeps track of how I’ve rated them. If you haven’t already, download and install it. You can thank me later. Part of me honestly wants to keep quiet about this incredible beer (not listed on the menu), but the beer geek in me wants to shout it from the rooftops that this is available on draft because I’m all about the shared experience.

Recent rumor says All-Star Pizza is going to close in April and will re-open again this Fall as a Spin Pizza. Even though All-Star Pizza didn’t have a comparable Chicago-style pizza, it was still quite tasty. My only hope is whenever Spin Pizza takes over, they still offer as wide a variety of beer options as All-Star Pizza.

For anyone who didn’t know, this was the inspiration for our Brain Trust group…

Regardless, we are now on the hunt again for a new home. What we’re seeking: decent food (spicy hot earns bonus points) and a tremendous beer selection is the most desirable. We welcome all suggestions.

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