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Making the connections
Making the connections

Music Mondays: Passion Pit

This week’s musical offering comes from Passion Pit’s latest release, Kindred. Passion Pit is classified as Synthpop/Indie pop/Indietronica/Alternative. My first impression was if someone likes the aforementioned musical styles and has no strong feelings about auto-tune, they should love this album. I am no fan of auto-tune and I still enjoyed it a great deal. It’s reminiscent of one of the myriad synth bands (pick your favorite) that exploded onto the scene in the 80’s, but with much better production value.

This is the type of album you might play in your car as you’re hitting the highway on the first gorgeous day after the dreariest winter. The windows are down and the sun’s streaming through so brightly (like the future) you gotta wear shades. Your thoughts?

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