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What’s the deal? You were supposed to be this cute story in 2014. You were supposed to make people feel good about the little guy, the underdog, the everyday person, but that was it. You were supposed to go away and let the grown-ups get back to what they do – paying outrageous prices for top names and remaining the focus for “serious journalists” and blue-blood sports fans. Your payroll doesn’t compare, your talent doesn’t compare, and, outside of Kansas City, your players couldn’t be identified out of a crowd at any convenience store anywhere across the US. Blind luck got you into the playoffs. Your lucky streak (what else could you call it), took you all the way to the World Series where you were finally put in your place by the better team. Sanity restored in the world, you may now go back to irrelevance.

What’s the deal?? You were supposed to go away, but you didn’t. Fine, you want our attention? You want to play with the grown-ups? Enjoy this target, it’s large and easy to spot from almost anywhere in the world. We’re now coming after you. We’re going to throw at you. We’re going to slide hard into you. We’re going to talk trash at you. We’re going to do everything we can to get in your head, to take you out of your game, to hopefully get you out of the game. We’re coming for you.

You’ve been warned,

The rest of MLB


Rest of MLB:

Here’s the deal. You can scoff all you want. You can think everything we did last year was lucky, but we know the truth and we don’t care what you think. We never doubted. We trusted in ourselves and each other and we earned every win along the way. More importantly, we learned what it takes to win going forward – as a team, not just 25 individuals. We’re not just teammates, we’re brothers and we’ve got each other’s back. You want to throw at us? Fine, we’ll throw right back. You want to try to take us out at the bases? Talk trash? Do whatever? No problem, we’re not going to back down and be bullied by you. We’ll do whatever is necessary to make you believe we’re not going to go away. We’re still going to play for each other. We’re going to cheer each other’s sparkling defensive gems. We’re going to innovate some unusual handshakes to celebrate our timely offense. Like it or not, we’re staying, so get used to it.

You’ve been warned,

The Royals


Dear Royals,

As a die-hard fan, I love the grit and resiliency you’ve shown. I truly appreciate that when challenged, you’ve faced it head on and not backed down. When they attacked you (and I think what’s missing from all the media hype condemning your behavior is that you’ve been the victim in almost every case), you’ve fought back. And fought back. And fought back.

Lawrie took out Escobar with a dirty, reckless slide. Ventura took care of Lawrie the next day. The Baseball gods declare it even. Good enough for me. Scott Kazmir, whose pinpoint control takes a one pitch vacation, hits Cain and it’s on again. So Herrera throws behind Lawrie at 100MPH after missing high and in? Not cool. If you follow A’s fan’s logic who swear that Kazmir’s pitch just got away from him, you could say the same thing about Herrera. I can’t speak to either Kazmir or Herrera’s intent since I’m not in their heads. When Herrera pointed to his head, I initially thought he was saying to Lawrie to think about his actions. I can certainly see how others think he meant that the next time they met, he’d throw at his head. No one but Herrera knows the truth. With last night’s altercation, however, I have to say enough’s enough.

I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if the A’s feel slighted. I don’t care if Jeff Samardzija has some inexplicable beef with Lorenzo Cain and/or can’t keep his mouth shut and yells something stupid at Christian Colon during the game. I don’t care if Adam Eaton runs his mouth at Ventura. I don’t care if Chris Sale (allegedly) went to the Royals clubhouse in the 8th inning looking to fight Ventura. I. Don’t. Care.

This is not Royals baseball. This is not the team that won over thousands of fans with their pluck, determination, and camaraderie in last year’s playoff run. If your behavior is now earning you a suspension, it’s detrimental to the team. You can’t help if you’re not allowed into the game, right? You’ve already proven that you’re willing and able to fight back. Now go out and prove you’re better than your opponent by beating them not just in a single game, but in each series. Physically point to the scoreboard if you must, but stop with the altercations. Show some maturity, show some professionalism, and get back to playing the game your way. The Royal way.

Forever Royal,


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