Feel Me Don't You
Making the connections
Making the connections

Peter F*!@*ing Frampton

I always hated that song… Yeahhh.

Now I kinda like it… Yeahhh.


Thirteen words have never said so much. Anger, love, despair, hope, regret, promise… so much subtext. As a music fan, I’ve been a huge fan of Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity. I saw the movie first and then read the book and I’ve loved both equally. Everything about the book/movie speaks to me, from Rob’s (John Cusak) relationship troubles (who hasn’t had them) to the important themes of life, to the way we confront or run away from these important themes.

I want to date a musician.

I want to live with a musician. She’d write songs at home and ask me what I thought of them and maybe even include one of our private little jokes in the liner notes…

Maybe a little picture of me in the liner notes…

And just in the background somewhere…


Romance, poetry, music… idealism at its finest.

The biggest connection in the story comes from (surprisingly or not) the mix tape. For those not old enough to know, this used to be a lengthy, painstaking process of transferring meaningful emotions (via music, naturally) from one form of media to another. It was truly an art form as you learned the rules and then expanded upon them… only to break them, once you knew your audience, of course.

All of the roles were terrifically cast. However, the role of Barry could not have been cast better, in my opinion, than Jack Black. He nailed the character and probably solidified his career from this point forward. And now… Barry Jive & The Uptown Five…

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