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flexion-kinetic-series-wireless-bluetooth-headphonesSometime within the past few months my sports earbuds finally bit the dust.  It was annoying, but I wasn’t too saddened because while they dealt with the sweat aspects of exercising pretty well, that was about all they had going for them. They weren’t particularly comfortable since they didn’t fit my ears very well. The wire was also problematic as my Fitbit or watch would occasionally catch on it and yank the phone from my pocket. Sadly, the new “user friendly/stylish/[insert Apple BS marketing phrase here]” headphones that came with my work provided iPhone were even worse than my original pair. With some finances situated, it was time to replace the old earbuds. To The Amazon machine!

Enter the Flexion Kinetic Series Bluetooth headphones. There were plenty of other cheaper and more expensive alternatives, but, upon reading reviews, these fit the criteria I was seeking – sweatproof, noise-cancelling, and stationary in my ears without being too uncomfortable. I’ve only had & used them for a little over a week, but so far, I’m quite pleased. Let me dispel a rumor before getting too far. These are not noise-cancelling headphones. However, this isn’t necessarily as bad as I’d originally thought. They do a good job of keeping most external noise from ruining your listening enjoyment. I was a few feet from the road and I could hear the rush of cars passing by, but not much else. Passersby went past without a sound. So far, sweat hasn’t even been a hint of an issue. Granted, the heat of summer may prove differently, but so far, so good. The most important factor in selecting these was fit and comfort. Here’s where they’re aces in my book.  The rounded portion slides into the ear canal and the external piece (the black & white double looped ones just below the text in the above pic) locks it in place by resting against a ridge inside the ear. Regardless of whether I was walking or running or jumping side to side, they stayed snug in my ear. I think I’ve had to readjust one earbud’s external silicone part once since I’ve had them.

If there’s a drawback to these headphones, it’s a spotty Bluetooth connection. I say “if” because I don’t know if the real issue is with the headphones, with my cell phone, or with the data from my provider. I had some occasional interruptions in my music and once had a complete unprompted Bluetooth disconnect and reconnect. Restarting the Bluetooth on the phone seemed to fix things for awhile, but it wasn’t until I restarted my phone that everything got back to normal. Take it for whatever it’s worth because I’m still pleased with the purchase.

Fearing that my phone might jump out of my pocket during a run, I also broke down and picked up a Minisuit SPORTY armband. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to wear this on my arm to allow ease of access without bunching up my shirt or cutting off circulation.

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