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Making the connections
Making the connections

Everything New Is Old Again

I knew this day was coming. I opened the lid on this box and the timer began counting down. 10 I thought I could figure out how to stop the countdown. 9 How do you diffuse this thing again? 8 Cut the red wire. 7 No! The green wire. 6 No, it’s definitely the red wire. 5 If I cut the wrong wire, time will speed up. 4 Can I use a juice box to diffuse this thing instead of cutting wires? 3 I don’t want to die! 2 Cut the wire! Cut the wire! 1 (Snip) 0 BOOM!

Our new offices opened up today for a select group of us who were there to get things ready for the rest of the staff. It was a shock to my system as I’d become quite used to walking the 50 feet between the office, the cafeteria, the break room, and the quiet meditation room in my house. My old commute to the office took a minute, the new one takes 40 times longer (if I’m lucky). Phone meetings in the old office afforded me the opportunity to use the speakerphone, mute the mic, and log Fitbit steps as I listened. I might be able do the same in the new office, but not without a lot of funny looks (and complaints about the volume).

Anyway, today wasn’t particularly difficult as I ran wiring, connected printers, helped wire and hang a TV in the break room, and assisted others with whatever they needed – just like I have countless times before. Tomorrow is going to be more of the same. Everything new is old again.

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