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Making the connections
Making the connections

Hi Facefriends

Dear Facefriends,

Please allow me to clarify a misconception. While I have a Facebook account, I haven’t really used it since 2009. I’m not going to go into details, but I’ll just say there was Facedrama and some Facefriends had their Facefeelings hurt. Rather than deal with any ridiculous, immature behavior, it was easier just to stop visiting Facebook. I kept this blog connected as a courtesy to anyone who still wanted to keep up with me.

Once I resurrected the site, I reconnected the site to Facebook and other social media. Apparently I missed a lot during the time I stopped checking in on Facefriends and reconnecting the site. So, I hope you’ll indulge me when I wish you all a Happy Birthday or Anniversary (times 5 or 6 depending on timing). I hope you’ll accept my heartfelt congratulations or condolences on your wedding or divorce (or vice versa). Your children sure are cute and they’re growing up so fast. You look great in that picture you posted. It was hilarious/scary/embarrassing/sultry/silly/heart warming/reminiscent of terrific/terrible times.

Thank you for all those birthday wishes and for commenting on pictures in which I appeared even though I didn’t know they were posted on Facebook. It was nice to see even if it was a significant time after the fact. I hope you all understand that if you reached out to me in that time and I didn’t reply, it wasn’t because I didn’t care about you or what you wanted to discuss, it’s because I wasn’t aware.

Going forward, my main point of focus and communication will be the same – right here on my own site. I just don’t have much spare time to maintain multiple outlets and, honestly, it’s easier to occasionally hit Twitter than Facebook. I appreciate you taking the time to visit the site and catch up. If you want to reach me, I’ll be here and still not really looking at Facebook. Feel free to drop me a line here. I’ve built in the ability to “Like” posts or share them with various other social media outlets if so desired. Please use them if something strikes you. More importantly, feel free to leave a comment and provide some feedback. Let’s get a dialogue going and see where it takes us.

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