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Making the connections
Making the connections

That’s What Mom Do

The Kansas City Royals’ Jarrod Dyson is known by several names – @mrzoombiya on Twitter and Mr. 50th Round to name just a few. He’s known for his prowess on the base path as well as in the outfield attributing it with a matter-of-fact delivery as “That’s what speed do.” He made waves last post-season for telling the world that he didn’t want any bandwagon fans jumping on the Royals’ white-knuckle World Series thrill ride. He also acknowledges how indebted he is to his mom.

We lived in a small apartment, basically just doubling up in each room. My sister basically slept with my mom — three bedrooms, two in each room.

But my mom made it work. When she got enough money to move us out, she moved us out to a nice brick house with four bedrooms. She did a great job. I can’t ever pay her back.

Dyson’s attitude, swagger, humility, and love for his teammates and family is just another reason why I respect the man and this team. I’m sure there were plenty of occasions where he could have taken the easy way out and chalked it up to the poor circumstances of his youth. He didn’t, though, because his mom instilled something in him at a young age that helped him grow up to be a better person, someone who understood sacrifice and putting someone else’s needs before his. Kudos to his mom on raising four kids on her own.

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