Unearthing Past Treasures

unearthedTreasureYou may recall the post from a couple days ago where I detailed how much my mom enjoys cleaning (yeah, I still don’t get it). In the process of cleaning up the laundry room, I came across a large box of video tapes (yes, you read that right) and some artwork from old Monkeys With Hand Grenades shows. Blast. From. The. Past.

The two video tapes shown are the Live On Tape: Special Collection and Live On Tape Home Video Collection (part 2). I don’t know if the Special Collection was actually part 1 or if there’s another tape that I’m missing. In either case, this is the local television show that I joined back in the early 90’s as I did whatever was needed – teleprompter operator, camera operator, assistant to the director, fill-in performer – until I gained a recurring role. It’s funny to think back on that time and recall how important it was to be part of something that was really small but had a surprising cult following. Filming was always an adventure.

The artwork ties into an ongoing Live On Tape segment, Uncle Joey’s Story Corner, that I reworked as a sketch for our Monkeys With Hand Grenades stage performance. Monkeys shows followed in the vein of Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind as we did 30 plays in 60 minutes. Each month we’d throw out half of the plays and write new pieces to be added. This particular version of Uncle Joey’s Story Corner lasted two months, which was a pleasant surprise considering local audiences had no knowledge of the source material. Once again, I wanted to be part of something that started small but grew into something much larger. If I recall correctly, each of the year end “Best Of” shows always sold out and were exhilarating.

Even with the struggles we encountered with both shows, I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything.

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