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Making the connections
Making the connections

As Yet Untitled Story (A Snippet)

This is the most recent piece of fiction kicking around my brain:

Sunny Summers washed the dishes beneath the sputtering, rusted faucet and craned her neck back and forth to peer through the kitchen window to see strange shadowy figures darting through the darkness. Her face flashed red. The kitchen window looked out into the backyard, such as it was, but Sunny wasn’t impressed with the view. Her face flashed blue. Like most folks back home in Davenport, IA would say, it was more like a ten square foot hurricane fence corral of random refuse, dirt, and a single sparse patch of grass. The loud thumping behind her brought her attention back inside.

The view here wasn’t any better as the kitchen’s cracked plaster walls, once a pristine white in some long-forgotten past, now dripped with decades of grease and cigarette tar stains. The walls flashed red. The drop ceiling sagged beneath the weight of years of leaky pipes and the rare southern California rain. The tile floor was either broken or peeling and served more as a safe haven for the duplex’s insect population that scurried about when the lights went out. The appliances barely functioned and, had they been properly maintained over the years, were more suited for the Smithsonian rather than personal use. In the center of the room was a kitchen table that could barely stand on its own, two rickety wooden chairs, and a brand new highchair where her daughter sat slapping the spilled Cheerios. The walls flashed blue.

“Hear that, Moon?” said Sunny.

Harvest Moon Summers perked up, gave an excited kick and squeal of delight. Her face flashed red. Sunny gave a little snort and thought back almost a year ago to the night her daughter was born. Complications during pregnancy had left serious questions whether either mother or daughter would survive. When the doctor discovered the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck, the medical staff acted quickly before Moon was lost in utero. Moon squealed in excitement and broke Summer’s attention. Her face flashed blue.
“Think the neighbors are at it again?”

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