Greetings From Dreary, PA

No, that’s not a play on how dismal the city of Erie, PA is. Before I continue, if you’re a resident of the city or just an Erie enthusiast, I mean no disrespect. This is my first time in the state of Pennsylvania and I’m in Hollidaysburg and Altoona, so I have no idea what your city is like. We cool? Good.

Since arriving in PA, every day has been cool and rainy (or at least overcast). Looking skyward today, I noticed what seemed like the same layer of clouds hovering motionless over a canopy of unmoving trees as when we arrived. The past two weeks have been exactly the same regardless of being in MO or in PA. It brings to mind that old Crowded House song, Weather With You. Honestly,  it feels more like my trips Portland.

The one good takeaway from this trip has been finding this little hole in the wall Italian restaurant called Villa Capri. Thanks to my coworker, Jeremy, we decided to give this a shot. He had located some reviews on Yelp and the rest of us were in a mood to break out of the bleak and try something different. Thanks to Siri the tehcno-idiot, it took longer to get to the restaurant than it did to get back, but fortunately, we weren’t in a hurry. The restaurant reminded me of a mix between three Italian restaurants in KC – Cascone’s (for the food), Garrozo’s in Columbus Park (for the neighborhood location), and Anthony’s (for the ambiance).

It was a very light night for patrons as I don’t think there more than 12 diners (including us) during our time there. That’s a pity because the service was excellent and the food was delicious. The complimentary glass of wine was a surprise. Had Jeremy read the full Yelp review, he would have noticed that it’s a BYOB establishment. Interesting, eh? They must get plenty of people in who don’t know it’s BYOB and stock something inexpensive just in case. Regardless, when asked for recommendations, the waitress said you couldn’t go wrong with any of the traditional dishes or anything with vodka sauce as they were clientele favorites. We followed her advice and were not disappointed. If you’re ever in Altoona, PA, it’s worth finding Villa Capri.

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