Greetings From Endor?


My coworker, Valerie, and her husband are currently visiting the Forest Moon of Endor Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver, BC and sent me this lovely hologram photo. She managed to ingratiate herself with the native Ewoks Canadians and says they’re furry, well-intentioned, and love to celebrate – especially if liquor is involved.

According to her, this image was taken just after dawn before the Rebel soldiers tourists scurried about in their vigilant pursuit of Imperial forces unusual flora & fauna. Later in the day they planned to deactivate the Death Star’s shield generator a Treetops Adventure which runs 110 feet above the forest floor.

I haven’t heard from her since she sent this photo so I’m hoping she wasn’t captured and brainwashed by the Order of the Ffib arrested by the RCMP for introduction into their fanatical theocratic sect being swept up in the, shall we say, romance of the setting. I hope she’s enjoying her vacation regardless.

Perhaps when she returns from Endor Canada she can explain their intriguing other-worldly customs like the Ewok Celebration Feast hockey or sing the lilting song Yub Nub O Canada or can explain how anyone would eat Cambylictus berries poutine.

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