Music Mondays: Four Year Strong

This week’s eponymous offering comes from Worcester, MA’s own Four Year Strong. In checking this band out for the first time, I noticed that they’re classified as Easycore. I’ve never heard of this classification and have recently started to feel like I’ve lost touch musically as I learn all these new genres.

Given that I haven’t had my finger on the pulse of the music industry in years, I shouldn’t feel too bad. Many of these sub-genres I’m discovering are the fusion of two or more other sub-genres. Is it even possible anymore to identify a band’s sound by a single classification like: rock, pop, blues, country, jazz, etc? It seems these terms are far too broad now.

This album reminds me of my bartending days back in the early 90’s when the Rock Island Brewing Company (RIBCO) started hosting outdoor concerts in The District. I should clarify that, while there were plenty of alternative and punk groups who performed at the bar, no one played music like this at that time. The memory is more about that atmosphere – hot, humid nights with throngs of people pressed in tightly in a sweaty mass all throbbing to whatever beat was happening.

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