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Making the connections
Making the connections

Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

I wanted to entitle this post Welcome Back To Dreary, PA, but after considering the events of the past couple days, the above seems more appropriate. Upon arrival, we were met with some lovely rain again. Reports are that we can expect more of the same throughout this trip. Go figure.

We learned a valuable lesson about our keyless entry rental yesterday – you can still lock the keys in the vehicle. On the way to work yesterday, the doors opened up without issue when the keys were packed in a laptop bag and placed in the back. After lunch, however, the mischievous Ford Escape had other ideas and we were forced to wait an hour until Avis could locate and dispatch a local locksmith.

This morning was delightfully bracing as the shower went from comfortable warm water to ice cold in seconds. Standing in the shower beneath a glacier-like stream with shampoo still in my hair and eyes, I couldn’t help but laugh. Shiver and laugh. When I think about what our ancestors endured, I have no room to complain.

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