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Making the connections

TBT – Reasons to Carry Nunchucks in Kansas City

Last weekend I took part in a gathering. It was supposed to be the capper on a week of bachelor “debauchery” for my fried Joel. As it turns out, this week of “debauchery” was taken up by such bawdy events as working late, playing poker with the regular casino yabbos, and picking up his wife’s car from the mechanic’s shop. I like to think that the highlight was when the four of us (Joel, Ben, Craig, and I) gathered to char meat on the grill. Sure, that meat was really Ahi tuna and we mixed in some veggies to go with it. It was too hot to go for the usual cut of seared beef and we wanted something lighter. It was delicious. At least we conquered multiple beer varieties in the process.

Nunchucks in KCAnyway, the topic of writing and readership came up and Joel recounted his most surprisingly popular post, 18 Reasons to Carry Nunchucks in Kansas City. I forget how many views he said it received, but it was impressive for something he thought was quirky, but innocuous. Click the picture to read his original post (you can thank me later). He was spot on with his 18 reasons, but I wondered if there might be more reasons to carry nunchucks in Westport, so I’m adding my thoughts to his list:

  1. Warhammer still stuck in Westport Carnival Whack-a-mole game.
  2. Ladies of Westport thought he was overcompensating when carrying his halberd.
  3. Local Mongolian BBQ merchants kept asking to borrow his Sai’s for their potstickers.
  4. No one carries a tomahawk anymore. No one.
  5. Each time he looked at his Kpinga, he couldn’t stop laughing and repeating Ka-PING-a.
  6. Kept injuring himself when his thrown khukuri came back to him.
  7. Wushu chain whip kept getting tangled in hipster wallet chains.
  8. Confused bolas with bolos and fashion police kept busting him.

If you enjoyed his post, check in occasionally to see if he’s updated his blog (nothing since Mar, but you never know). You could also follow him on Twitter @BigIrishDude or on The Facebook. Be prepared for a little political discourse (you’ve been warned).

Oh, before I forget, my most surprising post came in the form of a picture I posted during the summer Olympics. It was Chelsea Davis after hitting her head on the diving board. I couldn’t believe how many people wanted to see the bloody picture. For a week or so, I had over a thousand hits per day which was huge compared to the 100 or so I was usually getting.

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