That’s What Dad Do

Whether by divorce, death, or indifference, a surprising number of friends have no father figure (and I’m not talking about the George Michael type) in their lives. Although their well-adjusted lives are a testament to those mothers or other relatives who were around to help them through the difficult times, I still wonder what might be different for them if their father’s were an integral part of their lives. I can’t imagine what type of person I would be without my dad’s influence. I’m betting I wouldn’t be named Pete, for starters. I can’t even comprehend what a life as an Ed, Bo, or Sonny would be like. I digress.

There were many things that my dad taught me like how to fish, the ins & outs of algebra, there was no shame in acting and dancing, and a great deal more. The biggest lesson he taught me at a very early age. He said that someone will always be better than me. On the surface, that seems harsh doesn’t it? As a small boy, it seemed like a personal attack that I would never be good enough, but he clarified his statement. He said someone will always be smarter, faster, richer, better with women, etc. and I needed to learn how to accept and be comfortable with who I am. I’ve always remembered that. Thanks dad!

Below are some sayings and events that are similar to something my dad would say or do.

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