Bloomberg’s Partially Right

Earlier today, my brother’s father-in-law (confused yet?) sent out an article from Bloomberg entitled Eight Beers To Drink This Summer That Aren’t IPA’s. They were all fine beers (I’ve had six of the eight), but it got me thinking that I could come up with other beers I’d prefer to have more than those. So, here they are:

Steigl RadlerSteigl Radler

This beer is the lowest in alcohol by volume (ABV) coming in at 2%-3% depending on whether you get the bottle or can. It’s citrusy and is quite possibly the most refreshing beer you can have on a hot, Summer day. If the ABV is just too low for you, add a shot of Tequila (I used Petron) to add a kick.









Mikkeller Big WorseMikkeller Big Worse

This barleywine comes in at 12% ABV. It’s a complex beer with a mix of roasted malts, slight fruit/citrus flavor, bourbon, and a hop presence late in the tasting.







Prairie Brett CPrairie Artisan Ales Brett C

I was fortunate to taste this farmhouse ale on draft at Screenland Armour Rd. and it was delicious! The brettanomyces yeast strain can yield some unusual results, but I’ve yet to encounter a bad batch (likely because quality brewers will not let the bad see the light of day). At 8.1% ABV, this one is sneaky good.










Prussia Weiss beer4 Hands Prussia Berliner Weiss

This beer comes in at a minor, but tasty 3.5% ABV. This slightly spicy wheat beer finishes crisply and a bit tart. It is a clean, easy, repeatable drinker.









North Coast Old Stock 2013 Cellar Reserve 2013Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve 2013

Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve has quickly become one of my favorite beers as it perfectly blends vanilla, caramel, toffee. chocolate, raisins, and bourbon into a heady mix. I will readily admit that I prefer the 2011 Cellar Reserve over its 2013 counterpart (for now). To me it was warmer, richer, and boozier than its 2013 counterpart. Perhaps I just need to let it age a little more.








Steinington BrewerySteinington Brewery Cherry Oud Bruin

I’m going to throw some love to my friends Josh & Kim who make up Steinington Brewery. This is one of the tastiest home brews I’ve ever had. As I quoted on Untappd, “Belgian brown sour aged a year in Merlot barrel then aged on cherries. Velvety mouthfeel with a cherry pop!” One of the more delicious beers I’ve had from them and, I’m told, not even the best they’ve ever made.


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