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Like A Girl

USA Women's World Cup 2015
USA lift the trophy after their 5-2 win over Japan. Photograph: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Unless you’ve been working and recording the 2015 Women’s World Cup Final between USA and Japan, you’re already aware that the US beat Japan 5-2 thanks, primarily, to the leg of Carli Lloyd and her hat trick. I should admit that I hadn’t paid any attention to the women’s team, or soccer in general, until the World Cup began. I’ve since been glued to the USA women’s team and have tried to watch every possible minute. It’s been one of the few bright spots while travelling lately.

Since I can’t watch with various friends at home, it’s been a treat to watch with coworkers and a like-minded crowd in the various bars and restaurants we’ve frequented. I was feeling a bit like a bandwagon fan but I didn’t care because I was enjoying watching this team. There was something gutty, something gritty, something admirable about this team’s tenacity. To be honest, their play wasn’t always pretty, but they found a way to nail down wins and prevail. Congratulations, ladies, enjoy this tremendous win. Way to perform like a girl.

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