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Making the connections
Making the connections

Music Mondays: Ratatat

This week’s offering comes from the Brooklyn duo RatatatMagnifique is the band’s fifth studio album and their first in five years. With its chorused guitars, 80’s style synthesizers, and funky grooves, this instrumental, electro-rock album throws nods to Daft Punk, ELO, Queen, and even one back to Santo & Johnny’s Sleepwalk.

Lately I haven’t been enamored with albums that have been all over the place stylistically. This one is the exception as I’ve criss-crossed all over YouTube to find songs from the album and have been pleasantly surprised with each find. It’s because of this sonic smorgasbord that I can’t really tie it to another sense or a memory (not even back to their offerings to Season 2 of Chuck).

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