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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Veruca Salt

This week’s offering is Veruca Salt’s latest disc Ghost Notes. Yes, they’re still around or, more appropriately, they’re back again. Before the Lords of Copyright brought down their Divine Smite, I was able to check out this recording in its entirety. Perhaps they were monitoring my listening, because in the middle of my fourth time through the disc, they removed the account that posted this disc. Who knew my musical interests warranted such attention? Oh well.

I purchased their first disc American Thighs and listened to it a few times, but other than the first single released, Seether, it didn’t really click with me. It wasn’t that the album was bad, but I had just moved to KC with two new roommates and there was an entire new landscape, both geographical and musical, to explore and the disc didn’t grab me. Ghost Notes is a different story. The music is as catchy as its ever been, but there’s more lyrical and emotional depth this time around. It’s clear with the reformation of the original lineup that between the American Thighs and Ghost Notes, life happened.

This album reminds me of late Spring or early Fall nights working at RIBCO. The weather is warm, but not enough to have an outdoor concert. It’s after midnight and the crowds are starting to thin, but the band is launching into its final set with power and enthusiasm for those audience members not concerned with whatever early morning obligations facing them. They’re there to watch every moment of this band that’s playing their hearts out.

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