Neil DeGrasse Tyson Gets Pwned!

More Pluto love came from The Late Show’s newest host, Stephen Colbert. Since The Colbert Report signed off December 18, 2014, Stephen’s taken a low profile and only recently started airing clips to promote his new gig. So, with New Horizons in the daily news, who better to bring in than Star Talk Radio’s host, Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

There were several interesting pieces in this clip. The first that amused me was the realization that Mr. Tyson hasn’t been keeping up with the news returning from Pluto. Whether it’s because he feels he knows more about the subject than Stephen or because other “bigger” things are occupying his mind and time or something else altogether, I can’t speculate. When Stephen proved him wrong, it made me chuckle. What did you find amusing or enlightening?

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