A Sad State Of Affairs

Looking at the new click-bait news regimes is depressing. Let’s take Yahoo’s main news feed, for example. I’m referring to the items in the All Stories section and not the low hanging fruit that is the image slider. Six of the top ten stories are all negative stories:

Jared Fogle Will Be ‘Marked’ Man in Prison, Expert Says

A chart made from the leaked Ashley Madison data reveals which states in the US like to cheat the most

Donald Trump’s appalling reaction to a hate crime committed in his name

Josh Duggar’s Wife Has New Scandal to Deal With After Ashley Madison Leak

5 States Where the Middle Class Is Being Destroyed

The Defense of Hillary Clinton’s Email Server That She Dare Not Utter

The remaining four stories I would deem as neutral:

Wormhole Created in Lab Makes Invisible Magnetic Field

‘Big Bang’s’ Simon Helberg, Wife Jocelyn Towne Set Deal With Warner Bros. TV

Why did the Redskins leave a battered RG3 in a meaningless preseason game?

Kim Zolciak Humblebrags About Her Thigh Gap While Rocking Double Denim: See What She Said!

I can understand how the first three might hold some casual interest from various demographics, but the final story about a “thigh gap”? How is this news and who in the world cares about a “thigh gap” or what some reality “star” has to say about it? I digress.

Back to the negative stories. Three of the six are sex-related stories, two (possibly three depending on your view) are politically based, and one is economically based. Obviously, Yahoo is presented this way for a reason. What is really driving that decision, though? What is the root cause?

Is the problem with the associated journalists who tailor this pablum to the lowest common denominator audience? Is the problem with the editors or management who insist on producing drivel to drive the ad revenue? Is the problem with society and it’s refusal to digest anything meaningful and insists on the most sensationalistic fare? Is the problem that the world is just in a more negative state? Is the problem that I’m merely selecting from a source that validates my point?

I’ll answer that last one. No. Looking at sites like The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian will show that they all slant negatively. Actually, The Guardian is closer to 50/50 depending how you view certain articles. I regret that I’m not more aware of current events, but in looking at the information sources, it’s just depressing.

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