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This Summer has me feeling very much like Richard Parker. If you don’t understand what I mean and you’re curious, do a little searching and take some time to familiarize yourself. You can thank me later.

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4 thoughts on “Like Richard Parker

  • crager

    Did some research and still don’t understand what you mean. Richard Parker is either a real tiger or he’s simply a very developed figment of Pi’s imagination. Richard Parker sulks a lot. Richard Parker’s silence also gives him an air of distance – a nobility and independence he might not have otherwise. Not only is this cat mean, he’s cunning. He swallows a rat whole. He also swallows flying fish and kills a shark. If Pi learns anything from Richard Parker, it’s how to engage with the actual, physical world. Enlightenment is getting beyond our world, Pi discovers, but it’s also about getting entrenched in our world. He learns this through Richard Parker.