Meanwhile, Back At The Hall Of Justice

(Batman: Jim Howard, Superman: Kevin Dilmore, Wonder Woman: Bryn Donovan, Wendy: Emily Akins, Marvin: Sergio Moreno)


(Hall of Justice SFX)

I would like some help from my creative Super Friends (not just the above current/former Hallmark employees, but anyone who has created something professional for public consumption) with the following hypothetical situation involving creativity:

Let’s say my dad is a popular, respected public speaker who is constantly booked to speak about fishing for a multitude of outdoors enthusiasts. His speeches are always well-received and entertaining. Now let’s say I decided to hit the public speaking circuit and I decided to use the entire contents of his speech (with his blessing), but I add a few minutes of my own material somewhere in the speech. Is that plagiarism or is it just creative recycling?

It really feels like it’s plagiarism to me, but my agent (who also represents by dad) says it’s not and books me on a speaking tour using the aforementioned material and is lining me up for a book deal and/or other lucrative gigs as well. Before I forget, in this scenario I’m still named after my dad (as I am outside of this hypothetical) and my agent doesn’t feel that I should distinguish myself from my dad in any way. In short, the public wouldn’t know which one of us was speaking before them.

If it was you in the situation, would you accept the speaking engagement or would you shy away from something so potentially sketchy? What other concerns would you have?

(My apologies to Emily and Sergio, but there were no other couples in the original Super Friends. If so, I would’ve given you a much better correlation.)

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