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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Bon Jovi

Although she was kind of a jerk to me recently, I’m going to feature my sister’s favorite band for this week’s Music Monday offering. Dropping a few days ago, Bon Jovi released their 13th studio album, Burning Bridges. I’m still in the middle of my five listens and, so far, the album isn’t moving the needle one way or the other for me. The best and worst thing I can say about the album so far is… it’s another Bon Jovi album.

Burning Bridges is dubbed as a “fan album” and I’m really not sure what that’s supposed to mean. What I’ve read is that these are all unfinished songs from previous albums. So, why am I posting something that, to this point, is just middle of the road material? I respect the fact that the same musicians, for the most part, have been together over 30 years and are still making music that makes women swoon and makes men pump their fists. Or vice versa. I’m not judging.

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