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Upon waking up this morning and firing up my Chrome browser, I was greeted with this wonderful birthday wish/image from Google. Awwwww. They sure know how to make a fella feel special. Sadly, the day was just jam packed with work and meetings, but I knew something better was on the horizon. Literally. Now, after day has turned to night, the universe is picking up the slack and the Perseids Meteor Shower is kicking off it’s birthday present to me. I was outside a short while ago and was unable to see anything while looking to the Northeast, but I plan to head out again in a bit to do some extended stargazing.

As I write this, I’m listening to the live coverage being broadcast from NASA TV. If you’re interested, this coverage lasts until 1:00 AM (I’m assuming that’s EDT). I see the same stars through my window that you see through yours.¬†Forget windows, let’s go out and look at stars!

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3 thoughts on “Thank You Google And Perseids

    • pcalderone

      I went out for about 45 minutes last night, but I saw nothing but planes crossing the night sky. It didn’t help that the Perseus constellation was still behind a treeline and I also had a stupid streetlight in the way. I came back inside and fell asleep downstairs. By the time I awoke, I knew if I stepped outside, I wouldn’t get back to sleep. Stupid adult responsibilities!

      I’m glad Jason got to see something magnificent at least.