Four Favorite Words: Redux 7 comments

wordstewWords are amusing. I’ve often gotten one stuck in my head and mentally repeated it to the point that I’ve forgotten why I was contemplating it or even what it means. Quite the vocabulary Ouroboros, eh? It just reminds me that it’s been awhile since we’ve reviewed our four favorite words.

My current four favorites are:

  • Interplanetary
  • Ragnarök
  • Lucid
  • Gestalt

Okay, what are yours this time? Have they changed since last time?

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7 thoughts on “Four Favorite Words: Redux

  • TōB

    The phenomenon of a word losing meaning following repetition is called “semantic satiation.”

    I’m a big fan of:

    * detritus
    * chicken
    * prestidigitation
    * bird

    • pcalderone

      “Semantic satiation”

      Ah, yes, thank you. I was trying not to go to the internet to look it up. I find that if I leave the errant word or phrase alone for awhile, it eventually returns to me. Or, as Neil Gaiman explains in The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury (from Trigger Warning):

      “Sometimes when the words go away I can find them by creeping up on them from another direction. Say I go and look for a word – I am discussing the inhabitants of the planet Mars, say, and I realize that the word for them has gone. I might also realize that the missing word occurs in a sentence or title. The _____ Chronicles. My Favorite _____. If that does not give it to me I circle the idea. Little green men, I think, or tall, dark-skinned, gentle: Dark they were and golden-eyed… and suddenly the word Martians is waiting for me, like a friend or a lover at the end of a long day.”

      • TōB

        I had Trigger Warning checked out from the library through two renewals and didn’t get through it. No fault of his, I just haven’t had any time for reading in like a year.

        You might enjoy “The Size of Thoughts,” a book of essays by Nicholson Baker. If all my books weren’t in storage I’d suggest a specific essay or two, but they are.