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Making the connections
Making the connections

Game Day: 2015


My one hope for this upcoming Chiefs season is that they’re as electrifying as the Royals. I have no delusions that they’ll knock the smugness off the ‘ 72 Dolphins team and go undefeated. The AFC West rivalries won’t let that happen (nor will the Packers, Bills, and Ravens I believe). What would be fantastic to see is a dynamic offense that rarely bogs down, a stifling defense that leads the NFL in the giveaway/takeaway category, and a special teams performance that equals or outshines Dante Hall’s legacy. The real topper on this wish list would be for Justin Houston to have a Derrick Thomas/Dave Krieg performance each time he met a rival AFC West QB.

Just so I can make it official, here is my prediction for the Chiefs 2016 season. I have them going 11-5, but can see a scenario where it’s 10-6 if they fail to get to Manning in the second home game.


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