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Making the connections
Making the connections

Ignorance Breeds Ignorance

It’s just a little over a week until Pit Bull Awareness Month and I’m seeing more articles about the breed that apparently many Americans love to hate. Of all the breeds I’ve had as pets or been around due to family or friends, I can’t say there are any that I dislike other than the Poodle (or any of the ‘doodle’ variants). To be fair, that’s only because I don’t care for their coats (or what humans do to it). It has nothing to do with their temperament or anything else. While there are plenty that I wouldn’t have minded having as a pet, the Pit Bull was never on the list. It wasn’t out of fear of the breed, I just preferred more sporting dogs like Beagles and Labs.

It wasn’t until I met a friend and former co-worker that I had even been around a Pit Bull for any extended period. After five minutes with her two goofball “pitties”, I couldn’t understand people’s misplaced fear of the breed. They were no worse than any other breed. While helping walk the two dogs, it was interesting to watch and hear other pedestrian’s expressions or comments. These ranged from, “Get that thing out of here” to “That’s a beautiful dog.” While I don’t know each of these pedestrian’s experiences with the breed, it’s uncanny to witness the fear firsthand – especially when they wouldn’t even bother to meet either dog.

Let’s face it, any breed can be trained to be a snarling, vicious attacker. More likely, though, it’s abuse and neglect that takes any breed to that level of aggression. Regardless, people don’t consider this and base their opinions on rumors or hearsay. Then they read or hear a story of a Pit Bull attack. Their fear deepens and the cycle continues to reinforce itself. Even when a positive story about a landlord who prefers to rent to pittie owners surfaces, people can’t help but show their ignorance in the comment section. It’s sad.

Remember, ladies & gentlemen, you have more reason to fear and avoid this Pitbull:


Than you do this one:


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