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Making the connections

Music Mondays: The Hollywood Vampires

In checking out the new music over the past couple weeks, I was quite surprised to see the number of old bands releasing new music. If you hadn’t noticed, here’s what you may have missed and what is being released this week:

Next week, on 9/18 to be precise, David Gilmour’s Rattle That Lock and Keith Richard’s Crosseyed Heart are slated to drop. That’s a lot of past getting blasted. This week, however, I’m going to feature a different kind of blast from the past – The Hollywood Vampires (releasing 9/11). Yes, the album hasn’t actually been released yet, and their debut performance isn’t even happening until 9/16-17. So, why is this a blast from the past? This was a group of rockers from the 60’s & 70’s that included: Alice Cooper, Bernie Taupin, Harry Nilsson, Mickey Dolenz, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and Keith Moon. They weren’t a musical supergroup at the time, but Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp have formed (with a power-packed lineup of guest artists) to make it happen now with an album of covers and a couple original tunes. If you want to hear more, there are quite a few tunes already on YouTube. If you want to read more, you can check out their Wiki.

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