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Making the connections
Making the connections

Music Mondays: TV Eyes

I’ve been all over the musical landscape since last week’s Music Mondays: Metric post. I’ve caught some Live From Daryl’s House, Later… With Jools Holland, and Iron Maiden’s Flight 666 concert. My work playlist has spanned from Miles Davis’ ‘Round Midnight to Fucked Up’s David Comes To Life to staying up until 3AM this past Friday watching Jellyfish’s concert at the Music Hall In Frankfurt, Germany. It’s here where I took the plunge down the rabbit hole that led to this week’s offering from TV Eyes. Other than an EP released in 2008, this was the only album released by the band (in 2006) and it was only released in Japan. How did I get to TV Eyes?

One might have taken a direct route from Jellyfish straight to TV Eyes as Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Jason Faulkner were founding members of TV Eyes (along with Brian Reitzell) and Jellyfish. I, of course, took the less direct route as I followed Faulkner to his solo work, then his work with The Grays. Roger Joseph Manning Jr. I followed to Imperial Drag (also with former Jellyfish guitarist Eric Dover, who replaced Faulkner on Spilt Milk), then his early work backing up Beck. They then led me to TV Eyes. Musical genealogy fascinates me.

I used to have a book during my teenage years that detailed the musical genealogy of rock, but the name escapes me at this moment. I used to spend hours listening to bands and tracing down their lineage. While other guys were out spending time cruising the strip, going to parties, meeting girls – typical teenage stuff, I was immersing myself in music. TV Eyes reminds me of some of the music from that era that my friends weren’t into, but I found intriguing. Sometimes Memory Lane is more aptly called Memory Eight-lane Super Highway. This will also be the name of my new band.

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