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Making the connections

Game One: A Fresh Perspective

First off, an apology to those who may be returning here for the introductions to new music or the new fiction tidbits. There will be more of that in the very near future. I promise. For now, however, my heart is wrapped around the Royals like bacon around a filet. Like chocolate enveloping a strawberry. Like a Taco Town taco! I digress.

Former coworker and heir to the print kingdom, Chris, sent me a link recently that had me laughing out loud. He follows Dodger pitcher, Brandon McCarthy, who tweeted about Matt Cleary, who was live-blogging World Series Game One (hopefully no one had to drop bread crumbs to follow that trail). Matt is a Sydney, AU resident and freelance sports journalist and his exuberance, phrase turns, and takes on the players and events are truly entertaining.

Here’s a sample of his Game One work (for the sake of time, I’m beginning this in the bottom of the 9th):

Righto, The People! The great Sal Perez is on the plate, over the plate, batting up to a giant pitching man called Jeurys Familia, who’s hurling in the heat. Perez whacks him to short stop. And is out.

HOME RUN! Alex Gordon. New York Mets 4 Kansas City Royals 4

Skipping ahead to the bottom of the 14th inning.

Okay. Bartolo Colon. Swat! Escobar hits it hard into the crowd where a man with a glove makes a fine play. AND ESCOBAR GETS TO FIRST, THIRD INNING IN A ROW THE LEAD OFF MAN HAS MADE IT THERE … something’s gotta give. Surely. Next up: Ben Zobrist. Strike. 1-1. Zobrist, left-hander. Sees one go by him. BOOM! AND ESCOBAR GOES TO THIRD BASE AFTER ZOBRIST WHACKS ONE LOW TO RIGHT FIELD, AND THE WINNING RUN IS ON THIRD WITH NO OUTS, OH PLEASE MR BABE RUTH, SURELY.

Bartolo Colon, he will walk Lorenzo Cain. And load the bases. Surely, now, Kansas City Royals. A pop-fly into the air … wherever, gets Escobar home. Everybody’s in, bar the outfielders. Ball one. Strike, Eric Hosmer. Into the foul land. The worst kind of land, your foul land. None out. Loaded bases. 1-1. Colon to Hosmer. Boom. Another foul. Stepping into the bucket, Eric. Next pitch: Ball. It’s 2-2. Bartolo Colon, still very cool. Doesn’t look like he’s thinking at all … HIGH FLY BALL. ESCOBAR IS HOME AND THAT’S THE MATCH IT’S THE KANSAS CITY ROYALS ONE-NIL IN THE BEST OF SEVEN MATCH WORLD SERIES AFTER A GAME THAT WENT LONGER THAN THE DAWN OF TIME ITSELF.

Kansas City Royals Win Game One of the 2014 World Series 5-4

Here’s the full reproduction from The Guardian. If you want to catch his summation of Game Two, you can grab that here (until the next game, at least). I will likely add to my Game Three enjoyment by reading his take as the game progresses.

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