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Making the connections
Making the connections

Learning From My Sister

I learned something from my sister today. It started simply enough as my brother & sister-in-law informed me that my brother-in-law’s birthday party is taking place tonight. I was irritated that I learned too late to attend and they informed me that I’d received an invitation on Facebook. I texted my sister to express the aforementioned irritation and she apologized and explained that since she saw posts on Facebook, she assumed I was back on it.

I wrote this awhile back, so just as a reminder… no_facebook

If you don’t want to click on that link above, I’ll explain briefly here in case others think similarly. I started this site shortly after Facebook began (February 4, 2004), but long before I ever had an account. I have this site connected to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus (until it dies/morphs). So, whenever I post something new here, it appears on the aforementioned sites. I’m not manually updating those sites – what a pain that would be. If you’re seeing these posts and liking/favoriting them or replying, I don’t see it. Make no mistake, I appreciate it, but I barely have time to write here (and inundate Twitter followers with Royals tweets during the post-season). If you’d like to click the links from those sites and have a conversation here, I’m happy to oblige.

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