Life In A Five Inch Frame

I’m conflicted. I snapped at a friend this past weekend and part of me feels remorseful and part of me feels it was completely justified. Cue the backstory…

A small group of us had gathered at a friend’s house to smoke some meat, enjoy some beverages, and catch up. Shortly into the evening, one person whipped out a cell phone and proceeded to text, read Twitter, check out various score updates, and do some web browsing (this continued for a couple hours with little break). It wasn’t that this person hadn’t been involved in any of the various conversations occurring. This person decided it was better to bury their face in a cell phone. I blurted out, “Time to put the phone away, this is real human interaction time.” The phone stayed out.

We see it far too often lately. Why enjoy a concert when you can obstruct the view of those around you in order to shoot a herky-jerky video (with likely poor sound quality) to watch later? The images in the brain are taking a backseat to the images on our phones or tablets. I had more to say, but I think Bill Maher sums it up nicely here (for those who care or who might be watching at work, I should warn you about the language):

Sadly, I’ve been guilty of some of these new-millennium atrocities in the past, but no more. If any of you catches me with my face buried in a phone during a social gathering, you have my permission to yell at me, “It’s real human interaction time!” I will thank you.

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