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Making the connections
Making the connections

Missing Kyle’s Tap Room

Former Kyle’s Tap Room owner and Brain Trustee, Joel Weaver, introduced me to a new musical artist, Frank Turner. Naturally, I checked him out on Amazon Prime Music and wanted to hear more, so enter NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. For those unfamiliar with this series, NPR invites artists to perform a short setlist in their office. Anyway, it struck me that this performance (which apparently includes Frank’s transition through puberty) would’ve been a perfect fit for Kyle’s Tap Room.

Brain Trust was born at Kyle’s Tap Room and, thankfully, we were introduced to a multitude of musical artists. From the intimate evenings that featured a variety of acoustical artists like Doc Fuller or Ron Davidson to the Irish sing-along-drinky-times with Bob Reeder to the inexplicable dance floor-filled nights with (snap, crash, bang) Soul Patch, to the where-in-the-world-did-he-find-these-guys (France) night with Les Fossoyeurs, we feasted on a musical smorgasord. This short set from Frank and Matt blends all but the dance floor-filling moments into one entertaining event. Sure, you can point to the vocal cracking as a blemish, but for me, that’s overshadowed by their exuberance, rapport with the crowd, and the simple fact that you can tell they’re having fun and want you along for the ride. Over the past week, when things have gotten a bit too serious or stressful, I’ve found Photosynthesis bouncing around my head or have been caught belting it out in my car. I don’t care, other commuters can judge if they want, but it gives me a happy.

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