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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Caravan Palace

What’s that you say? You’re tired of all the genres I’ve posted in each Music Monday post? Then how about a little French electro-swing? This week’s offering comes in the form of Caravan Palace‘s <I°_°I> (pronounced Robot). At first listen there appears to be more electro than swing, but trust me, the swing is there. Comme ça:

Et cette vidéo…

Depuis que je connais leur chanson , Dragons , j’ai apprécié vraiment Caravan Palace. Je suis désolé si mon Français est mauvais. Écoutez et dites-moi vos pensées.

Okay, back to English. I really want to play this for my grandma who I think would enjoy it immensely. She used to dance around the warehouse we owned while I was growing up (another story for another time) and I’m sure she would’ve loved this if it had been on the radio.

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