Music Mondays: Joanna Newsom

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the new Kate Bush. This week we meet Joanna Newsom and her new album, Divers. There are a few differences between the two – one’s a Brit, the other’s an American; one’s also a dancer, the other’s also an actress, one’s had a full career, the other’s a relative newcomer. This new album, her fourth, also illustrates a lot of similarities… and that’s just aces with me.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find many tracks from this album available on YouTube. If you enjoy the sweeping instrumentation on this track, please check out her stripped-down performance of this song from the Pitchfork Festival. I’m amazed at the reaction for a woman and a harp. If the harp isn’t your style, you might like her bare-ones version of Sapokanikan where she just plays the piano. I have great respect for someone who’s willing to make themselves look awkward or ugly for their craft (watch her mouth when she forms some of her notes). I can already tell this album will be in my musical rotation for awhile. Thoughts?

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