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Making the connections
Making the connections

Poking The Canadian Bear

Courtesy of @Wkane83 (retweeted by @CoreyRittmaster) comes this gem:


I don’t care if the joke is old or an easy one, it still made me laugh. I’m hoping Ventura can build on what Volquez did last night and we can take a 2-0 lead to TO (as my friend, Kristine, likes to call it). Although it won’t be easy since David Price has been tough on the Royals, I’m encouraged by these numbers courtesy of Joel Goldberg (@goldbergkc):

Career #s vs Price
Rios .400 7XBH 10 RBI
Cain .364
Perez .333
Zobrist .333
Escobar .286
Morales .238
Gordon .214
Hosmer .182
Moose .143

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