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Making the connections
Making the connections

Pre-game Pump Up

We (Nick, Kelly, Jon, and I) are heading to The K tonight to catch Game 1 of the ALDS. So while I eat my lunch, I’ve been trying to find Royals-themed music in my playlist to get pumped up for tonight. That was a failure as all I had was Royal Oil by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Royal Nonesuch by Roger Miller from the Big River soundtrack – fine songs in their own right, but not good for preparing for a playoff game. To the Googles!

While these might not be the fist-pumping, fire-it-up type of songs I was seeking, they do put a smile on my face.

Sure, those are cheesy and outdated, but then there’s this…

If that can’t get you excited for another post-season run, nothing will. I’d forgotten how many thrilling moments there were along the way last year. What a terrific story even though the ending wasn’t as happy as we’d hoped.

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