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Rain, Rain, Go Away, It’s World Series Game One Day

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As I sit here finishing up work and checking outside my window every other minute, I’m wishing the view was more akin to the weather in the photo. The oscillation between drizzle and downpour is disheartening and I wish it would just move out of the area. It’s only been four days, but it feels like a month. Last year we had to wait longer for the N.L. winner to emerge and there was just as much anticipation, but this year feels different.

For me at least, I think the roller coaster ride that got the Royals into and through the playoffs was so overwhelming that time flew by. It’s also possible that being let go from my previous employer forced me to focus on something positive and the Royals were just what I needed. Their pluck, determination, and we’re-just-thrilled-to-be-here spirit were inspiring. This year they still exhibit the same pluck and determination, but the we’re-just-thrilled-to-be-here spirit has been replaced by a we-belong-here spirit. It’s the kind of spirit that comes with expectations. Last year it felt like there was a “we hope we can win it all” vibe. This year it feels like there’s a “we have to win it all” vibe. I think because of that I feel more anxious for it to begin.

So, go away rain and let us get on with the business of winning. Oh, and as I’ve been saying all post-season, “We got this.”

Image courtesy of @Royals

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