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Step 1. Clinch AL Central ok_checkmark_green

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Step 3. Win ALDS

Step 4. Win ALCS

Step 5. Win World Series

It’s been a very long week and I was barely able to keep up with our “Boys in Blue”. Still, I was cautiously optimistic that the Royals, who had gone a frustrating 10-17 in the month of September, were going to pull themselves out of whatever funk they had going on in time for the playoffs. With such a poor September record and with the Toronto Blue Jays setting the American League East on fire with the way they’ve played since obtaining David Price and Troy Tulowitzky, I wasn’t so sure they would secure the best record in the A.L. and home-field advantage. Until today, I had no idea there was even a conspiracy theory about their tanking the Rays series to setup a home series against the Rangers rather than possibly the Yankees.

I find that a tough theory to believe. Going into the series with the Rays this weekend, the Blue Jays were 8-8 (6-4 home, 2-4 away). The only team they’d performed worse against in the A.L. East, was the Boston Red Sox (9-10). Now the Tampa Bay Rays have equalled the Red Sox’s record against the Blue Jays. The conspiracy theory is at best disrespectful to the Rays. Sure, you can argue that they shouldn’t have skipped David Price’s start and pitched Mark Buehrle on one day’s rest. However, there’s no guarantee that Price would’ve won. I digress.

Let’s start the countdown to 11 Royals wins!

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