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Making the connections

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Royals defeat Astros

It was win or go (stay) home and the Royals pulled out a 7-2 victory against a respectable Houston Astros team. Kudos to the Astros on a well-played series because they’re going to be a fantastic team in the coming years. This was a difficult game to watch as I was in a restaurant in Bartlesville, OK and there were absolutely no other Royals fans to be found. My coworkers had already left and I made the command decision to head a few doors down to Hideaway Pizza where I was fortunate to find like-minded fans.

Now it’s time to bring on the Blue Jays, who also managed to pull out a come-from-behind win against the Texas Rangers today in a 6-3 victory. Say what you want, but my money is on Jose Bautista getting drilled the next time the Rangers meet the Jays. It was a douchey, showboat move and I’m confident he pissed someone off with that home run swing. Regardless, good luck to my Toronto friends as we proceed through the ALCS. I can’t wait to see you wearing a Royals shirt and cheering on the Royals in the World Series against the Cubs.

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