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Making the connections
Making the connections

Step 4 Complete


Ladies & gentlemen, please meet your ALCS MVP Alcides Escobar. Please allow me to reiterate, this is not Josh Donaldson (as so many pundits predicted) nor is it Jose Bautista (as others surmised), this is Alcides Escobar. You know, of the Kansas City Royals, Escobars. He’s the same Escobar that has Sabermetricians confounded.

I should be tired, but I just finished watching FSKC’s post-game coverage and, once again, I’m too hyped to go to sleep. My wish is that my immediate family and good friends could be here to experience the joy with me (my friend, Kerri, was here to enjoy the win, but call me greedy, I want more). They can’t, so I have to satisfy myself with texts or phone calls. For anyone wondering, I called this as a Game 6 win and my friends, Kristine & Scott, can corroborate this. I actually not only called a Game 6 win, but I even called a 3-1 victory. Had Madson not made his high fastball mistake to Bautista, I would’ve been right. Oh well, prognostication for future success will ensue. Oh well, the #hotdogsurprise (long story) will have to wait until the World Series begins next week.

Step 1. Clinch AL Central ok_checkmark_green

Step 2. Clinch home field ok_checkmark_green

Step 3. Win ALDS ok_checkmark_green

Step 4. Win ALCS ok_checkmark_green

Step 5. Win World Series

For those who don’t get FSKC coverage, here’s the song they played after tonight’s coverage:

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