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Making the connections

Trigger Warning

Trigger WarningI recently finished Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning, his collection of Short Fictions And Disturbances. This book entertains, it chills, and although this book as received plenty of critical acclaim, there were moments I was disappointed. I should be clear here. My disappointment stems from the fact that this book contains two stories that I already own – The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains and The Sleeper And The Spindle. Perhaps it’s my own fault for not looking deeper into the contents of the book. Fine, that’s on me.

In the introduction, Gaiman warns that these stories might trigger fear or readers might experience something upsetting. Maybe others experienced this, but I didn’t. There are some chilly tales, but nothing so bad as to cause fear. In addition to chilly stories, there are also love stories, magical stories, poetry, an ode to David Bowie, and more. One of my favorite parts was the introduction. In it he details the story behind all the stories. I found myself flipping back to the introduction after each chapter to re-read about the people and events behind the scenes. If you haven’t already purchased or read any of these stories before, I would definitely recommend picking up this book.


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