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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Deafheaven

I hope you’re in the mood to take on the world with spit, piss, & venom. Okay, if not the entire world, perhaps those animated pixels on your screen. And if not spit, piss, & venom, perhaps icy stares and strongly worded emails. This week’s Music Mondays features San Francisco’s Deafheaven and their recent release, New Bermuda. Unlike some of their black metal/post-metal counterparts, Deafheaven brings a musicality to their alums in addition to the chainsaw guitars, hammering bass, and piston-pumping drums. While I’m not a fan of vocalists who just scream over the music, Deafheaven places them more in the background, which, I feel gives it a more haunting presence rather than a punch-you-in-the-face feeling.

If you liked this, check out their 2013 album, Sunbather. If you’re not in the mood for some metal, check back next week. I’m sure I’ll be ready to guide you (or be guided by you) on another musical exploration.

\mm/ – too much metal for one hand

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