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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Steve Martin & Edie Brickell

Hello, Americana, this Music Mondays post is looking right at you. Steve Martin & Edie Brickell just released their latest collaboration, So Familiar. This new offering is as warm & welcoming as a cozy farmhouse on a dark, chilly, rainy November morning. This album invites you to come in and sit a spell, throw another log in the wood burning stove situated in the middle of the room, maybe have a cup of coffee with a nip of hooch, and catch up on what’s been happening with the family and locals. What? You didn’t know what happened to the Curry’s little boy? You didn’t know that Cousin Jean met a fella and ran off to get hitched? You didn’t realize that grandma and grandpa just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary and caused quite a scandal when they made out like a couple of teenagers at their party? We have so much to discuss! Here, let me refill your cup.

Okay, that may paint a more Rockwellian portrait of the tracks on this album than is true. While the album is simplistic, it’s not simple. It doesn’t try to mince words or hide its meanings. I Have You is a prime example. This song reminds me of a couple that’s been married for many decades – my parents. It’s possible that I might be romanticizing their relationship more than is realistic, but they come straight to mind. There’s even a chance, remote as it may seem, that on a day when they don’t have a throng of kids running around, a herd of dogs underfoot, or friends visiting from out of town that I can envision them pressing pause on the events of the day and singing the chorus to each other. What’s that? You have comments? Feel free to share.

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