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On A Scale Of 1 To Salvador Perez

Call the police if you want. I don’t care because I’m still on a World Series high. I’m still reliving the series in my head and smiling like a fool. Then I see things like this…

And this…

(Full episode with a Salvy ending)

And this…

Now I’m giddy all over again. I hope Stephen Colbert invites some of the team on his show as I know that would be an interesting interview. I wonder what the rest of the world would say if Salvy dumped water over President Obama during their White House visit.

When people say they don’t get the whole “sportsball” thing, they clearly aren’t paying attention to whatever team or city that’s being discussed. Perhaps it just takes sitting down with a fan to educate them – someone who can show them the spectacular plays and explain why they’re viewed with awe. Perhaps someone can show that person the positive effects of believing in a particular team and their impact on a city or region. Maybe then when they’re asked, “On a scale of 1 to Salvador Perez, how happy are you?” they will beam a smile and declare, “Salvador Perez!”

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